When You Shouldn’t Push Through the Pain

Fitness junkies thrive on pushing through tough workouts. After all, few things are more rewarding than tackling an intense routine and coming out victorious — and drenched in sweat. But, at some point, pushing through a workout goes from admirable to foolish. So, how do you know when to set your ego aside and throw in the towel, if only temporarily?

“You have the phrase, ‘No pain, no gain,’ which is a cool thing to put on a T-shirt, but if you have an injury because you’ve pushed through something, you’re not going to get the progress you’re looking for,” says Eliza Nelson, ACE-certified personal trainer and orthopedic exercise specialist.

Read the full article at, "When You Shouldn't Push Through the Pain," MyFitnessPal, July 10 2018.
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