Drinking a Beer After a Workout: What Science Says

Chances are you’ve seen those beer commercials with a group of athletes throwing back some brews after a tough training session. Or maybe you’ve signed up for one of those endurance races that reward you with a beer the moment you cross the finish line.

Either way, you’ve no doubt noticed that, for some people, beer has become more than just a go-to for their Super Bowl party — it’s become a post-workout ritual.

Where Does This Idea Come From?

Proponents argue that beer provides carbs and electrolytes, both of which tend to get depleted during long or intense exercise sessions. Others argue that the social aspect of hitting the bar with friends for a celebratory beer after a grueling run or workout may be a great way to encourage regular exercise.

Read the full article at, "Drinking Beer After a Workout: What Science Says," Livestrong, September 18 2018.
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