Increase your ROI.


If you’re a local marketer in Minneapolis/St. Paul…

…and you’re looking to increase your company’s revenue, today is your lucky day.
Not many copywriters guarantee their work, but I do.

As long as you have your end tightened down, I’ll deliver copy that meets your goals.

Lauren Bedosky


When you work with me, your results are guaranteed because:

I have a process. I work with tools that ensure the strongest copy possible.

I specialize in persuasive copy, which means my entire focus is on getting leads, sales, engagement, or otherwise meeting your objective.

I don’t take projects that won’t be successful.

A local copywriter knows you best

Other copywriters want to work in isolation, but I want to work on-site with your team.

When you invite me into your inner circle, your campaign can’t fail.

“Being local to your client or their prospect allows the intrepid copywriter to gain insights other copywriters miss. This can and does lead to a boost in revenue in many cases.” —Chris Marlow, Internet Marketer and Coach

As a proud Minnesotan, I’m dedicated to helping local businesses like yours succeed, so we can keep this great community thriving. Our state leads the way in bioscience, manufacturing, and wind power. We’re home to giants like Xcel Energy, General Mills, and 3M. Our economy was ranked 15th in the nation.

There’s no better place than Minnesota. I wouldn’t live—or work—anywhere else.

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