Experienced Freelance Health and Fitness Writer

I help health and fitness companies create marketing content that generates and maintains consumer trust.

Lauren BedoskyHealth and fitness consumers have more options available to them than ever before. They’re bombarded with products and messages—via websites, social media, mobile, print ads and articles in popular magazines. People want to be healthy and fit, but they’re paralyzed by too many options and information overload. As the expert with a solution, you have to get your message heard above all the noise. And you have to present yourself as someone people can trust.

This is where I come in.

My name is Lauren Bedosky and I’m an experienced health and fitness journalist. I can create compelling, readable and accurate content marketing pieces that convey your message with authority—and convince consumers to act.

As a journalist, I’ve spent years digging into medical and scientific research, finding and interviewing experts, and distilling complex information into a written piece that’s interesting and easy to digest. I’ll provide your audience with the information they need to make an empowered decision, while helping to establish you as a reliable, forward-thinking resource they can turn to again and again.

Learn more about how we can work together. Or, ready to discuss a project? Send me your info and I’ll get in touch right away. Give me a call at 763.607.1134 or email me at: [laurenbedosky] [at] [gmail] [dot] [com].